coolguy_:-p I love rap music and my best rappers are 50 cent, eminem, ice cube, twista, tupac, jay-z, g-unit, dead prez and listen to rnb akon, kanye west, chris brown, t-pain and many others :)
Bamm 50cent? Best? Wtf? I hate bling bling rap .. I love old school africa bammbata, grand master flash, sugar gang hill, bigie, 2pac .. And day dee aka j dilla best raper producer beat maker :) kanye big respect
Gymka » coolguy_:-pCommercial rap and rapers sucks!
coolguy_:-p » Gymka Shut up! Rap is the best music of all time! :-*
skurk198 Lmao. Gymka!!!! Commercial rapperz make money dawg. Whats up guys holla... If ur a hip hop head!
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