Property buying!
TechnoSparks I want to know, HOW CAN I BUY THE PROPERTY, AT DOHERTY, SAN FIERRO!!? If you don't know which one, it
- is near to your garage
- have name „Wang Cars“ at entrance
- has a pay n spray shop at its backalley
- has a mod garage at its sidealley

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softwarefreak yeah!i wana kno dat too :D & also pls post the cheats!
indrajeet » softwarefreak cheat codes n hints.
TechnoSparks » softwarefreak have search the net - stupid results appeared.. It seems like it does not understand my keywords!
TechnoSparks » softwarefreak I've found it! You have to complete the driving school (car) near Doherty.. After completing, you'll get 2 calls, the first one tells you about street racing and the last one tells you about the Wang Cars property.. :D
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