Graham Ok here is my walk-through of the BASIC use.
click on Create a MySite feed
Scroll down to the settings form
1/ Enter a title
2/ Enter a description
3/ Enter the url of the page that contains your guestbook
4/ Enter the url of your site
5/ Enter the url of a small logo.
Browser rss readers will probably ignore this logo (it's optional anyway).
The title logo and the description may show in some 3rd party readers

6/ set the refresh options
7/ set the name of your rss file for this feed
8/ Click create feed

That is the end of part one

Click on My feeds
The publicize tab will give you a Whole page of link codes you can copy to your pages and near the bottom is the link rel code that you would enter into your _headtags file or the head area of your page (dont copy the <head> tags just the link)
the rest you can ...
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