Povilas [!] http://wq.lt - URL shortening service

These arguments are supported (via either GET or POST):
url (required) unshortened URL
lid (optional) custom URL to shorten to (wq.lt/___). Must start with a letter or number. Both uppercase and lowercase letters are supported (IDs are case-sensitive). Numbers, - and _ are also allowed. Min. 4 symbols in length. If chosen ID is already occupied, random ID will be generated and returned.
mob (optional) set to 1 to attempt to generate a mobile-friendly short-url.
API returns a plaintext response with shortened URL.

Basic example (PHP):
$url = 'http://xtboard.com'; $short_url = file_get_contents ( 'http://wq.lt/api?url='. urlencode ( $url ) ); echo $short_url;

In case of error, full error message will be returned.
$url = 'http://xtboard.com'; $short_url = file_get_contents ( 'http://wq.lt/api?url='. urlencode ( $url ) .'&lid=myurl'. rand ( 100, 999 ) ); if ( substr ( $short_url, 0, 7 ) != 'http://' ) { echo 'Error: '. $short_url; } else { echo 'Short URL: '. $short_url; }

wq.lt also works with status.net. All you have to do is add the following code to config.php:
addPlugin('SimpleUrl', array('shortenerName'=>'wq.lt','serviceUrl'=>'http://wq.lt/api?url=%1$s'));
Then choose wq.lt as your prefered URL shortener in user preferences.