Bleuonyx What crime shows are aired in your country and in what time?
Bleuonyx We have CSIs, Bones, Flashpoint... etc. Most of them are aired late at night and it's fine for me, but flashpoint is at daytime and I think it's wrong considering that preschool kids of my friends watch it too. And then they ask me how come that their kids are so hyper. I don't know... too much ...Continue reading »
[vikram] » Bleuonyx crime petrol, savdhan india, shaitaan etc etc.... In India there are many show related to Crime....
Bleuonyx » [vikram] I watch tv shows rare bc I don't have much time, and bc I don't understand some special crime terms so the plots are too complicated or boring for me. I used to watch Highway patrol and Inspector Rex. That was interesting.
Witwew I watch detective conan
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