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bluedave Hahaha! They deserve it, lol! That's the big difference in Lakers compared to Cavs who solely rely on Lebron James and, on the part of Celtics, the absence of Garnett which is their soul. Both of which were beaten by Superman's Magic. He can't be 'superman' without d support of his teammates. :d
bluedave The drafting and trades among famous players is an exciting one. With O'Neal going to the Cavs, now joining James is a welcome test if they can really make the team as champions this time. And does Griffin, the #1 draft pick make a big difference with the Clippers? More trades are underway and that ...Continue reading »
Raenaldo [!] » sagenasI back the magics
vertigO go dallas! my team on psp :)
MANIAKAZ » bluedave hahaha, cavs cavs, wanna bet that cavs will lose in finals? ;)
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