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bluedave It could be Lakers and Cavaliers that will meet in the finals. But i dont like them. I'm for Boston, Nuggets, and Rockets. The problem with Boston is the absence of KG; while Rockets suffers the absence of Yao Ming and Tracy McGrady. The Nuggets then had the chance to enter the finals.
bluedave Lakers vs Nuggets in the west, Cavaliers vs Magic in the east. Who will win in their respective conference? I put my bet... Lakers will win in the Western Conference, and Cavaliers in the Eastern Conference. And that's headin' to my prediction - a Lakers vs Cavaliers for the championship! Who will ...Continue reading »
bluedave The semifinals seems to be more and more interesting. And what a hell of a fight for the finals! Lakers and Nuggets are tied at 1-1 and closely fought. And the Cavs were beaten by the 'Superman' and his Magic taking a 1-0 lead. Am i going wrong with my prediction? Well, too early to tell though. :d
bluedave I'm happy the Magic is getting d headway over the Cavs, 3-1. I hope they will be Eastern Conf champ. And i'd be happier if the Nuggets will beat d Lakers, so that the Nuggets and Magic will meet in the finals. I always like d underdogs.
MANIAKAZ » bluedave forget about it ;p :) Lakers will beat Denver and will meet Orlando in nba finals :)
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