mihai I maked a php rpg flat file... lvl unlimited ... 2 monsters until now :d and 1 class warrior :d . The game is in flat files so how can i make files for every user? + login sistem not yet
youngestdj » mihai Create a folder where you'll store the files for each user. E.g „users“. Then upon registration, create a text file with the user's name. [code] $file = fopen($username,„a“); fwrite($file,„input whatever you want to input here“); fclose($file); ...Continue reading »
mihai http://rpg-php.url.ph i just make save data game to play + is just flat file
youngestdj » mihai I don't understand you. Are you using a translator?
mihai » youngestdj wath do you not understand? (im not using translator)
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