Witwew » Bleuonyx its up to you, if you violate xtgem terms just be careful not to be caught hahaha, or else your site will be suspended :crazy: :LOL:
mumble » appuraja9 U dont need worry. u free add copyrits content. Posible infiringe. by owner content is posible 99% not Reported.
Some1 Most of files are copyright content. So upload only photos or videos created by you, such as ur photos or ur family videos :D Dont upload others!
Bleuonyx » Witwew Both me and my wf are pros, so I don't think there is a chance for that. When we use somebody's house, we watch our manners.
Bleuonyx » mumble you can paste iframed pics, youtube vids, feeds, and all material under free licence or common licence. For other, contact owner and get some promo stuff. Most of the service providers and sellers in fact like it.
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