Bluedave How did you acquire your knowledge in html,wml, javascript, php, and other scripting languages? Is it the hard way? Did you take formal lessons or just by experience? Who among you have received diploma in w3schools or in school? I'm curious to know.
Povilas [!] I read up articles on the net and experimented. That's all it takes.
deadman For somedays i follow http:// pagetutor.com and he he he understand nothing.i may try a NIIT course.
geminixx I Totally do online courses! Im a bit slow in learning but i am getting there.. i built a pretty neat wapsite lol
Bluedave It started out of curiousity how web/wap sites are made when i'm in a community site. Until i made 1 for myself. Tried editing the css template, read at some scripts in hosts sites and tested them in practice. And a never-ending reading in the process..
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