learn exclusive trick [My own not copied] to download anything from web free of cost without any data charges..
gstek.info Got fed up from excessive data charges of airtel peoples.??? Want to download any software or songg or litterly anything but scared of heavy 30 paisa charges per 20 kb MEANS 30 rs for 2 mb :o Simple step to download any filesize with RESUME support is add your url without ...Continue reading »
DevX » gstek.info Really nice..but am in kenya..cant use it :D
gstek.info Devx sorry bro its only working for our operator as our operator has a flaw in there data counter system.
Ksg91 Hey dude really thanks for this tricks.. I needed it much..
Harsh007 » gstek.info Hi, i also have a trick- type http://wap.indiatimes.com/usearch/ and your downloading url.download unlimited for free.
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