Airtel india new pay per second plan...
vcompany Dear Airtel Users, Bharti Airtel, Asia’s leading integrated telecom service provider, launched the ‘Freedom Plan’ for its customers. With the launch of this plan, Airtel customers will have the freedom of choosing from a variety of plans based on their usage and calling patterns. In the ...Continue reading »
Samsher » vcompany Yeh... I was see it in advertisement. What is rates of this plans. Is it life time?
Vcompany » Samsher No, this plan not for lifetime. This plan rental is Rs.76/- and valid for one year.
Samsher » Vcompany Reliance offering all calls and sms only 50 paisa. Rechange with near by time velidity.
Vcompany » Samsher Ya you right. But i think mostly people who use gprs is use airtel for good gprs plans. So i have no rim sim. So this plan batter for us.
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