how to prevent
zhelin07 an internal server error occured please try again later how to prevent this on my site? Its very annoying when someone visit my site and then this message p0p ofcourse the visitor never back again because he th0ught my site is error haaay.
mobilestimulus » zhelin07 Did u get this message or your visitor? I get this in creator mode. I wonder if the error is an opera mini error.
zhelin07 i get this message everytime i browse and creating my site and s0me of my friend say that they see the same.. Im using opera8.65 and operamini4.2
geminixx Povilas is working on that just be patient ok? Its just a bug that maybe is a bit hard to find plus he got other work to do.. It soon be cleared.. Peace
mp3zone Wahhh i cant enter my site beacause of that bug! This is n0t a simple bug.. Plz fix this my site starting to have 200 visit0r a day...