Evolution I want to know. Why do you get onto wap and have a site on xtgem, me? I love doing it, its a hobby plus i want to go to school for web design and i figured id teach my self as much as possible.
The_old_man Me I do it just for fun and to keep my old and lonely brain cell active my first „computer“ was a sinclair zx81 (google it you'll be horrified ) and my favourite was my commodore a1200 (blizzard 030 50mhz 66mb ram) which I actually got on the www. Pc's are just tools and I don't own one ...Continue reading »
Bluedave I am working here in a foreign land, dying in boredom and longingness from my family which i hadn't seen for almost 5 years now. And i found the web, then making wapsites to be a hobby and an effective weapon to combat the terrible feeling inside of me. Thus, these wapsites.
Evolution » The_old_man Ahh yes the zx81 responsable 4 a whole generation of english learning programming. My first was the commadore vic 20
The_old_man » EvolutionA very versatile machine as this picture shows
zx81-doorstop.jpg, 27.613 KB
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