sign01 What country do you think have the most number of mobile users this days? Those are using their mobile phone as their web browser. Any guess?
Bluedave China maybe bcoz they are the most populous country. But talking of population-user ratio, good guess is the Philippines!
The_old_man » sign01at a guess CHINA but the government there imposes large restrictions so they can only visit approved sites
The_old_man Just about every kid in the uk over 5 has one but to them its just a fashion statement /means of communicating with the kid sat NEXT to them /expensive mp3 player as they all have pc's/ps3/xbox360 at home anyway
sign01 Hmm. For me. Maybe it's India. I have been checking my hits counts on my waptrack account and i'm getting top hits from india. Maybe for their network provider that gives them free internet. I might say it's india. Mobile users that use their phone as their web browser.
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