I would like to hear your views on this OS.
Geminixx What is your take on windows 8? Are you using this OS? Do you prefer Windows 7? I find it rather cool from my perspective. Needs brushing up but seeing its a baby I tries to understand :)
programmer » Geminixx Its somewhat good when compared to windows 7..
samsher » Geminixx i tried it on friend's laptop, GUI is awesome and has faster boot time than windows 7. if any one want to give a try for free then here is link which i found useful http://www.pocket-lint.com/news/46925/get-windows-8-now-free (note: not tested myself, try it at own risk :P)
___ I prefer the simpler interface of Windows 7. I'll consider migration to 8 once It's fully trend and compatible with the programs I used to work with. For now, all that goes for 8 is that It's fresh and new and well-decorated.
Bleuonyx We tried it. I can't find anything with it and ascha lost the nerves floating around, graded it as yuck
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