public discussion of xtgems new web app NO OFF TOPIC POSTS
Graham What are your feelings about the new web app
What features do you really like?
What features do you think need more work ? and your suggestions
What features do you think it lacks ?

This thread is NOT about general XtGem features JUST THE NEW WEB APP
mobilestimulus The search feature could be changed to be a whole domain search, not just the current folder..
softwarefreak Sir,file upload is not working!I'm using chrome.I've tried many times wid diff files
Graham I am also getting upload problems.
On opera 11.52 it would let me upload mp3's up to 5mb but no images at all ! Chrome 15 uploads both ok for me except that when I tried to upload a file of 4.92mb it put up a popup that said my maximum file size is 2mb !!
firefox and safari same as chrome ...Continue reading »
armis Press ctrl+f5 (or ctrl+r on opera) in web app and it should be fixed.
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