Povilas [!] Here's a preview of XtGem's new feature, which should be really exciting to advanced users. We call it XtScript. Since this is a very early preview release, it is subject to show-stopping bugs, random crashes and acting weird in general. Please report any issues with instructions on how to ...Continue reading »
Povilas [!] Code comments are supported: [code] <!--parser:xtscript--> /* Multiline comment assign $from = 10 */ #single line comment ...Continue reading »
Povilas [!] Conditional statements: [code] <!--parser:xtscript--> assign $from = 10 assign $to = 15 assign $num = <xt:random from=„$from“ to=„$to“ /> assign ...Continue reading »
Povilas [!] Functions can be called and defined like so: [code] <!--parser:xtscript--> function print_hello $text=Hello World;$times=5; assign $num = 0; @hello ...Continue reading »
Povilas [!] There are a couple of predefined functions that will come in handy when debugging code: [code] <!--parser:xtscript--> assign xt=1 call dump_vars call dump_functions call ...Continue reading »
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