xtgem make my dreams come true...thanks
vcompany Hello, Recently I bought nokia E71 cell phone with help of xtgem. Are you shocking? Ok, let me tell you this interesting story. In December 2007 I was registered my site in xtgem as vcompany.xtgem.com After registered I haven’t any knowledge about wap development or web designing but ...Continue reading »
Samsher » vcompany Hmmm... Congratulation man. I Love XtGem! The Same Thing Happen With Me, But Not Like You, I BOUGHT A NEW NOKIA PHONE FOR MY MOTHER BY EARNED REVENUE FROM MY SITE. All credit Goes Xtgem And Povilas. ...Continue reading »
coolguy How many $ did u earn?
Afsal Xtgem helped me raise my paypal account from $0.00 to $50+ now. I haven't yet brought anything with it.

I began creating xtgem sites for sharing gprs tricks with my friends, and they all appreciated it very much. Later I found out some cool design wapsites and it led me to learn more on wap ...Continue reading »
Povilas [!] This is great, guys. I am really happy that my hard work and time that I put in into XtGem did make such a difference.
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