mobilestimulus I was wondering if I could get some code help with this problem. I have a script: [code]<script language = „JavaScript“ src = „“> </script> <script ...Continue reading »
PoV@rEsK » mobilestimulus As I understood, The Rating can works only one time at one page (Rating can't discern first post from second or third post), it will not works. Of course you can add it to all posts in your GuestBook, but Rating will the one on all.
mobilestimulus » PoV@rEsK Yeah, show me how to add to each post. You can use more that one rating per page. You can make them all display the same results, or by adding: [code]?=unique_string[/code] to the end of: [code]aR_url=location.href + "";[/code] like this: [code]aR_url=location.href + ...Continue reading »
mobilestimulus Nobody knows how?
manamdige » mobilestimulus Check this out my dude: دانلود بازی کامپیوتر