Povilas [!] Short version: http://xtgem.com/beta/templates -> register -> leave feedback here Hey everyone, Sorry for not being active on XtBoard lately - I've been pretty sick the past week and could not check the messages. However, some great news: we are starting a public beta for a ...Continue reading »
jayarathinavel » Povilas Thank you sir. Someone posted a request in xtgem club to increase the xtgem upload file size from 2mb to 3.5 mb.Are going to do that sir.And xtgem premium upgrade,whats the amount in indian currency.Will you please tell me sir i want to upgrade my site http://friendswap.waphall.com
Povilas [!] » jayarathinavel Can't comment on the filesize increase at the moment as we are yet to determine that. As for upgrades, they are currently temporarily disabled.
jayarathinavel » Povilas Ok sir can you tell me when upgrades are going to be enabled and also convert and tell me what cost to upgrade in Rupees
hrnoor » Povilas I am trying to test this. My testing site http://nirvoy.xtgem.com
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