Xt.C.A.T. (XtGem Community Access Tool) Guest-Book RSS Support
mobilestimulus I have added 3rd party RSS support to the XtCAT Guest-Book Tool code. You will now be able to get alerts when you have a new Guest-Book entry via RSS or Email. To get started, go to http://www.rsspect.com/ . If you need further ...Continue reading »
Graham Ok here is my walk-through of the BASIC use.
click on Create a MySite feed
Scroll down to the settings form
1/ Enter a title
2/ Enter a description
3/ [b]Enter the url of the page that contains your ...Continue reading »
mobilestimulus » Graham Awesome walk-through! Thanks Graham!
Tboy15 Nice one bro, let me give a try!
mobilestimulus Advertising now appears in the FREE XtCAT Guest-Book Widget. Info on HOW TO REMOVE THE ADS for FREE will follow soon! Please feel free to comment or leave suggestions or requests about the Free XtCAT Guest-Book Tool anytime. Thanks to everyone at XtBoard and XtGem for your help and support that you ...Continue reading »