bluedave Do you use Sony Ericsson? Well, i do. I've got SE K770i and i love it 'ery much. Slim, 3.2mp cam, crisp audio sound, fit-to-screen rendering feature, others.. How about you, guys?
bluedave » bluedave btw, you can post tricks, prblms n solutions, as well as recommendati√∂ns regarding the thread.. Anything that would be of help is most welcomed..
Povilas [!] I currently own SE Xperia X1, but I hate it's Windows Mobile OS. I will probably sell it pretty soon.
bluedave haven't tried windows-based fones yet. Only symbian. My SE's netfront browser is relatively fair in terms of browsing, not better than my os9.2 6120, but got other features that is superior. They are both good in their respective rights in the same class. I might buy the K850 or w910 later.. The ...Continue reading »
bluedave Got a w910 now. Wider screen, walkman, almost d same features wiv its predecessor, but not better wiv its cam cmpared to k770i... Better browsing but not much.. K850 is more recommended.. If cam is a sought-after, then take c905 w/c is equipped wiv 8megapix!
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